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Previous Month(s) Wrap up
Oshogatsu Luncheon - New Years' Meeting

About 130 members enjoyed the potluck tables adorned with a cornucopia Japanese and other foods. The children’s classes of our Society’s Japanese language school entertained us with song – it’s always great to see how our youngest people are doing. There were many, many raffle winners, although it seemed some people were very lucky that Sunday. Luck also seems directly related to the number of raffle tickets they bought – but it is a fund raiser so we encouraged buying as many tickets and you could. Two of the luckiest won the round trip ticket vouchers to Japan, compliments of Japan Airlines.

February Luncheon - Sukiyaki

Always a big draw, our Sukiyaki luncheon had 70 RSVP’s. It was a lot of hard work for the Events Committee and volunteers, but worth it all seeing how everyone so completely enjoyed the meal. What a great way to promote Japanese cuisine.

Wakabakai Luncheon - Feb 3rd

About 30 people joined this luncheon which gives many of the younger ladies an opportunity to meet and get to know each other. Most of them are young Japanese ladies living in the area. A great, very Japanese potluck, conversation provoking games and a prized filled raffle were featured for the event. This is about the third such event in the past year or two so we are hopeful they will continue this networking opportunity.

March Luncheon - Hao & Dixya Dumplings

Mar 17th 12:30pm - Dumplings will be featured at this luncheon. We call this “gyoza” in Japanese, but dumplings are popular throughout Asia, and thanks to people like Hao & Dixya (Hao Tran and Dixya Bhattarai) they are popular in the U.S. So many Asian restaurants in the area serve dumplings, but Hao & Dixya are specialists in this specific dish. They, along with our Chef Julia will talk about dumplings and demonstrate how they are made. Of course, we will also enjoy eating them as well. Adults $15, children 8 – 12 $12, and children 7 and under are free. There is a 20% discount for members aged 70 years and over (so $12.00).

Be sure to RSVP by Feb 11 to Harvey Yamagata at 817-737-9166 or email or

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Japanese Garden Spring Festival

Sat Apr 13 10am-5pm & Apr 14 11am-5pm - The Spring Festival in the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens is a great opportunity to share what we know of Japanese culture to the general public. And – everyone who volunteers has a great time. Volunteer sign-up sheets will be on the table by the front door of the society building. You can also volunteer online via our website or in the newsletter if you wish to contact the leaders for each event directly.

Shibokukai - Dinner-get-together at wabi house

May 10 - We are always looking for new Asian restaurants to try for our Shinbokukai, and we think we’ve found a good one, Wabi House. They are a new Japanese restaurant specializing in ramen and Izakaya style small plates. They are at 1229 8th Ave Suite 227, Fort Worth, TX 76104 which is one 8th Avenue between Magnolia and Rosedale. There is parking in the back. With 89 reviewers, they have an average of 4.7 stars out of 5.0 – a very good score. These get-togethers are always relaxing and enjoyable. Everyone orders and pays for themselves. Please RSVP so that we can arrange for seating at the restaurant.

Be sure to RSVP by May 3rd to Harvey Yamagata at 817-737-9166 or email or

May Luncheon - Japanese American Stories

May 19 12:30pm - Two of our board members, Cori Hallock and David Bakutis have embarked on a journey to record the stories of Japanese who have settled in North Texas, starting with members of our Society. They are working with TCU on this project. So, for this luncheon, we will have Al Komatsu talk about his experiences settling in Fort Worth. His story is especially illuminating because he is one of the most successful architects in our city and also is one of the founders of our Society. Food for this event will be Hiyashi Chuka Soba – always popular with our members.

Be sure to RSVP by May 12th to Harvey Yamagata at 817-737-9166 or email or



Dondoko Taiko Drum Group

This is one of our popular programs. If you want to learn how to play these Japanese Drums, have Sunday evenings open for practice, and have opportunities to perform at public events like the Japanese Garden Spring and Fall Festivals.

Japanese Classical Dance

This group meets every Monday, 11am-1pm, at the Yamagata Center. Please contact Teruko Greene at 817-294-2224 for more information. Mrs. Keio Miyamoto is the instructor.

Japanese Language Class

For information, please click on the Language School link on the main menu.

Kurumi Ningyo

Join the 17 members who meet twice a month to work on these elegant works of art. The group meets on Wednesdays, 10am-2pm. Please contact Nobuko Foshee at 817-738-4524 for November and December schedule.