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January is when it's time to renew your FWJS Membership but you can still renew at any time! Join us at one of our monthly luncheons or send a check. Check our Membership page for details.

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Previous Month(s) Wrap up
June Shinbokukai - Oni Ramen

Twenty of us got together at Oni Ramen to enjoy their specialty ramen and other foods while we talked about whatever crossed our minds. The restaurant has changed for a full service restaurant to one where each customer goes to a computer kiosk and orders whatever it is the want to eat. Not being used to this format, some who might have had some difficulty in ordering found it easy because they had a restaurant staff at the kiosk to walk us through the process. As usual, the food was good and the company was even better. Hope you can join us at a future Shinbokukai.

June Luncheon- Japanese Pottery

Chris Powell, Associate Professor of Art at TCU’s College of Fine Arts, talked to use about craft art of Japanese pottery and provided a slide show of a Japanese kiln he helped to make. There were many questions from the curious crowd. A number of us also brought examples of Japanese pottery we had at home to share with others. We dined on “Hiyashi Chuka Soba” (Chinese style Japanese cold soba noodles) “Kakigori” (shaved ice).

July Luncheon - Izakaya

July 15th 12:30pm - Everyone seems to love food served in the “Izakaya” style (various Japanese delicacies in small portions, usually enjoyed in the tiny diners throughout Japan, often accompanied by lots of sake drinking). We will have food stations offering various Japanese delicacies like “yakitori,” “onigiri,” “yakisoba,” “edamame” and “gyoza.” William Winston has also arranged for us red bean popsicles. Adults $15, children 8 – 12 $12, and children 7 and under are free. There is a 20% discount for members aged 70 years and over (so $12.00).

BE SURE TO RSVP BY July 9TH with Harvey Yamagata at 817-737-9166 or email harvey@yamagata4.com or inquiries@fwjs.org Please let us know your name and the number in your group.

Augues Luncheon - This is our vacation month so no luncheon is scheduled.

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September Luncheon - Rojin No Hi

Sept 16 12:30pm - We will observe “Rojin No Hi,” (Respecting the Elderly Day) at this luncheon. We will talk a bit about our many early members and how they contributed to the success of our society. We’ll also have one of our eagerly awaited food programs – “Obento.” Everyone will use an obento box and put in foods such as tamagoyaki, miso beef, salmon, rice nand other vegetables. To make the obento even more interesting, we will have a contest to see who can put together the ingredients we provide into the most appealing obento. We have some obento accessories you can add to give your obento more flare. We will have independent judges and prizes.

BE SURE TO RSVP BY SEPT 10TH with Harvey Yamagata at 817-737-9166 or email harvey@yamagata4.com or inquiries@fwjs.org Please let us know your name and the number in your group.

Fall Festival - Fort Worth Japanese Garden

The Fall Festival is usually held in October, but this year it will be on Saturday Dec. 1 and Sunday Dec. 2 . The festival for this year will be renamed Japanese Maple Festival since this weekend should be one of the best for the maple to be in its beautiful red color.



Dondoko Taiko Drum Group

This is one of our popular programs. If you want to learn how to play these Japanese Drums, have Sunday evenings open for practice, and have opportunities to perform at public events like the Japanese Garden Spring and Fall Festivals.

Japanese Classical Dance

This group meets every Monday, 11am-1pm, at the Yamagata Center. Please contact Teruko Greene at 817-294-2224 for more information. Mrs. Keio Miyamoto is the instructor.

Japanese Language Class

Spring Semester will start on Monday, January 20. Please refer to our school website for our refund policy.

Kurumi Ningyo

Join the 17 members who meet twice a month to work on these elegant works of art. The group meets on Wednesdays, 10am-2pm. Please contact Nobuko Foshee at 817-738-4524 for November and December schedule.